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AX J1740.2-2903: Optical Period Confirms Intermediate Polar Classification

ATEL # 2681; J. P. Halpern. E. V. Gotthelf (Columbia U.)
on 18 Jun 2010; 9:04 UT
Password Certification: Jules Halpern (

Subjects: Optical, X-ray, Gamma Ray, Binaries, Cataclysmic Variables

Following the optical identification of AX J1740.2-2903 reported in ATel #2664, we obtained time-series photometry in the R-band on 2010 June 17 UT for 2.3 hr, using the 1.3m McGraw-Hill telescope of the MDM Observatory. A strong periodic modulation is detected in these data at P = 622+/-7 s, which agrees with the X-ray period of P = 623+/-2 s in XMM-Newton data reported in ATel #2664. Identified as the spin period of the white dwarf, the optical/X-ray period confirms the classification of this INTEGRAL detected source (Bird et al. 2010, ApJS, 186, 1) as a member of the intermediate polar class of cataclysmic variables.

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