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Wide-Band EVLA Observations of the Type Ia Supernova SN2010fz

ATEL # 2762; Laura Chomiuk (U. of Wisconsin, NRAO) and Alicia Soderberg (Harvard/CfA)
on 28 Jul 2010; 0:25 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Supernova)
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Subjects: Radio, Nova, Supernova, Transients

We observed the nearby Type Ia supernova SN2010fz (CBET #2361, #2364) with the EVLA on July 11 beginning at 21:30 UT, approximately ten days after explosion (assuming an explosion date of July 2). This is the first target-of-opportunity observation to make use of the EVLA's new capability of 2 GHz bandwidth, observing from 4.5--5.5 GHz and 6.5--7.5 GHz. We achieve an rms of 8 microJy/beam in 27 minutes on source, but do not detect SN2010fz. This SN is superimposed on the diffuse emission of its parent galaxy NGC 2967; after restricting the uvrange (> 5 kilolambda) to downweight the extended emission, we find a 3 sigma upper limit at 6 GHz of 36 microJy. We thank the EVLA commissioning team for making this observation possible, particularly Lorant Sjouwerman, Joan Wrobel, Michael Rupen, and Joseph McMullin.

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