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Discovery of a new supernova and two AGN outburst in the Pan-STARRS1 3Pi faint galaxy supernova survey

ATEL # 2773; S. Valenti, S. Smartt, D. Young, K. Smith (Queen's University Belfast); N. Metcalfe (Durham University); A., F. Bresolin, R. Kudritzki, J. Tonry, P. A. Price, E. Magnier, K. Chambers, N. Kaiser, J. Morgan, W. Burgett, J. Heasley, W. Sweeney, C. Waters, H. Flewelling (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)
on 5 Aug 2010; 18:30 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Supernova)
Password Certification: Stefano Valenti (

Subjects: Optical, AGN, Nova, Supernova
Referred to by ATEL #: 2784

report the discovery of a spectroscopically-confirmed Supernova (PS1-1000383) and two AGN (PS1-1000382 and PS1-1000384) in the Pan-STARRS 1 "3Pi Faint galaxy supernova survey". During the course of the PS1 3Pi sky survey, PS1-1000383 was detected on June 3.54 (UT) (Coords: 18:00:03.307 +47:40:59.136, J2000) at i=19.0 and detected again on June 28.55 (UT) at i=19.26 within 0.8 arcsec of the faint SDSS galaxy (J180003.26+474058.7). A spectrum of PS1-1000383 was obtained at the William Herschel Telescope (+ISIS; range 320-1000nm) on Aug 1.9 (UT). Cross-correlation of the observed spectrum with a library of supernova spectra with the "GELATO" code (Harutyunyan et al. 2008, A.Ap. 488, 383, available at shows it to be similar to that of the type II-P SN 2004et at 2 months past explosion. Using the redshift of z= 0.051, measured from the Balmer narrow lines of the host galaxy, a distance modulus of 36.67 and the observed i magnitude (19.0) at the discovery (June 3.54). PS1-1000383 has an absolute magnitude at discovery of -17.67 and the host galaxy has an absolute magnitude of r=-15.5. PS1-1000384 was detected on June 6.60 (UT) (Coords: 17:29:21.030 +68:11:16.747 , J2000) at r=19.34 within 0.4 arcsec of the faint SDSS galaxy (J172921.00+681116.6). PS1-1000382 was detected on June 12.23 (UT) (coords: 16:04:14.084 +09:13:54.248, J2000) at g=17.9 within 0.2 arcsec of the SDSS galaxy (J160414.08+091354.0). Spectra observations at the William Herschel Telescope (+ISIS;range 320-1000nm) on Aug 1.9 (UT) show that both objects are Seyfert 1 AGN at a redshift of z=0.704 (PS1-1000384) and z=0.435 (PS1-1000382). This discovery was enabled using the PS1 System operated by the PS1 Science Consortium (PS1SC) and its member institutions, We would like to thank the PS1 telescope operators for their support of PS1 observations.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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