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ROTSE3 J003809.1+403726 is an Fe II-type Classical Nova

ATEL # 2843; A. W. Shafter (SDSU), R. Ciardullo (PSU), M. F. Bode, M. J. Darnley (Liverpool JMU, UK), K. A. Misselt (U. Arizona)
on 14 Sep 2010; 17:55 UT
Password Certification: Allen W. Shafter (

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Transients
Referred to by ATEL #: 2844

We report spectroscopic observations of the recent optical transient ROTSE3 J003809.1+403726, discovered in the outskirts of M31 by Romadan et al. (ATel #2840). At our request, a spectrum (410950 nm) of the transient was obtained on 2010 Sep. 14.23 UT (approximately a week post maximum light) with the Low-Resolution Spectrograph on the 9.2m Hobby-Eberly Telescope. The spectrum reveals Fe II, O I, and strong Balmer emission lines (FWHM H&alpha ~ 1000 km/s; EW H&alpha ~ -22 nm) superimposed on a shallow blue continuum. These observations establish that ROTSE3 J003809.1+403726 is a classical nova, and that it is a member of the Fe II spectroscopic class.

A.W.S. thanks the NSF for support through AST-0607682 and the University of Victoria for hospitality.

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