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NIR flaring of the blazar OJ248

ATEL # 2894; L. Carrasco, A. Carramiñana, E. Recillas, A. Porras, J.R. Valdes, G. Escobedo, I Torres (INAOE)
on 30 Sep 2010; 21:39 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Request for Observations)
Password Certification: LUIS CARRASCO (

Subjects: Radio, Millimeter, Infra-Red, Gamma Ray, >GeV, AGN, Quasars

We report on our recent observation of the blazar OJ248 also known as 3EGJ0829+2413 and B2 0827+24 with the CANICA NIR camera on the 2.1m telescope at the Observatorio Astrofísico Guillermo Haro, located in Cananea, Mexico. On September 30th, 2010 (JD245554569.9898), we found this source to be in outburst. On this date the source was found to have a flux corresponding to H = 14.59 +/- 0.02, J=15.29 +/- 0.04 and Ks = 13.72 +/- 0.06. It is at its maximum NIR light, since we began monitoring the source at these wavelengths (December 18th,2007). In our previous observation on JD 2455336.6260, (May 21st, 2010) the source photometry yielded a value H = 15.48 +/- 0.05. Hence, since May the source has increased its flux by a factor of ~2.3. Our observations were prompted by the report of Millimeter band flaring of ATEL #2885. We encourage further multi wavelength observations.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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