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PTF Discovery of PTF10yow (SN2010iq), a Type Ic Supernova

ATEL # 3033; I. Arcavi (WIS), K. Maguire (Oxford), M.M. Kasliwal (CIT), S. Ben-Ami, A. Sternberg (WIS), A. Horesh, B. Sesar (CIT), O. Yaron, A. Gal-Yam (WIS), M. Sullivan (Oxford), R. M. Quimby, E. O. Ofek, S. R. Kulkarni (CIT), P. Nugent (LBNL), J. S. Bloom, J. M. Silverman, (UC Berkeley) and N. M. Law (U Toronto) on behalf of the Palomar Transient Factory collaboration
on 16 Nov 2010; 13:27 UT
Password Certification: Avishay Gal-Yam (

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Supernova

The PTF (ATEL #1964; reports the discovery of PTF10yow (also discovered independently by LOSS as SN2010iq; IAUC 2493). The supernova was discovered by Oarical, an autonomous software framework of the PTF collaboration, on October 2 UT at RA(J2000) = 21:54:23.30 and DEC(J2000) = +15:09:20.7 at a magnitude of 18.5 in R-band (calibrated with respect to the USNO catalog) in the galaxy IC 5145 (z=0.0245). The supernova was not detected down to mag 20.9 in PTF images taken during the previous months (3-sigma). Spectra were obtained using the Double-Beam Spectrograph (DBSP; Oke & Gunn 1982, PASP, 94, 586) on the Palomar 5-m Hale Telescope on October 17 UT and the Intermediate dispersion Spectrograph and Imaging System (ISIS) on the 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope on October 31 UT, revealing the supernova to be of type Ic. The superfit program (Howell et al. 2005, ApJ 634, 1190) finds a good match to the type Ic SN 1995F.

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