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Discovery of three new INTEGRAL sources:IGR J18159-3353,IGR J20188+3647,IGR J21117+3427

ATEL # 873; V. Sguera, A. J. Bird, A. J. Dean (Southampton University UK), A. Bazzano, P. Ubertini (IASF/INAF Rome), A. Malizia, N. Masetti (IASF/INAF Bologna)
on 8 Aug 2006; 11:28 UT
Password Certification: Vito Sguera (

Subjects: X-ray, Gamma Ray, AGN, Binaries, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Transients

Discovery of three new INTEGRAL sources:IGR J18159-3353,IGR J20188+3647,IGR J21117+3427

We report the discovery of three new hard X-ray sources detected with the IBIS/ISGRI telescope on board INTEGRAL: IGR J18159-3353, IGRJ20188+3647, IGRJ21117+3427. Each has been detected only in a single Science Window (ScW, about 2000 seconds exposure time) in the energy band 17-30 keV. No emission was detectable in adjacent ScWs; no detection is measured above 30 keV. These measurements imply a fast X-ray transient behaviour and a very soft spectrum for all three events.

The table below reports their equatorial coordinates (J2000), error radius (arcmin), average flux (mCrab) and significance of the detection in the energy band 17-30 keV and start of the observation time (UTC).

No previously known X-ray sources are located inside the ISGRI error boxes of IGR J21117+3427 and IGR J18159-3353. The position of IGR J20188+3647 is about 2.8 arcmin from the unidentified EXOSAT source EXMS B2016+366, which could be a possible X-ray counterpart.

IGR J18159-335318 15 57.36 -33 53 244'31+/-4 7.415 Feb 2006 12:51
IGR J20188+3647 20 18 48 36 47 31.2 3.4'33+/-5 7.213 Jul 2004 22:50
IGR J21117+3427 21 11 47.52 34 27 43.23.5'75+/-9 8 09 Jun 2003 05:11

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