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M31 Nova Candidate TSS J003927.3+405109

ATEL # 927; R. Quimby and F. Castro (University of Texas)
on 1 Nov 2006; 4:45 UT
Password Certification: Robert Quimby (

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variables, Nova, Transients

We report the discovery of an optical transient in M31 from unfiltered CCD images taken around Oct. 31.09 UT (about 16.4 mag) and Nov 1.08 (about 16.7 mag) by the 0.45m ROTSE-IIIb telescope at the McDonald Observatory. The object is located at RA = 00h39m27.38s DEC = +40o51'09.8" (J2000), which is 37' 0.4" west and 24' 58.7" south of the core of M31. TSS J003927.3+405109 was not detected in ROTSE-IIIb data from Oct 29.08 UT (limiting mag about 17.3). A finding chart for the transient can be found at:

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