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Continuous presence of bipolar jets from Z And during its 2006 outburst

ATEL # 930; A. Skopal (Astronomical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Tatranska Lomnica), M. Wolf (Astronomical Institute, Charles University, Prague)
on 3 Nov 2006; 18:18 UT
Password Certification: Augustin Skopal (

Subjects: Optical, Binaries, Variables

We report on the continuing activity of the symbiotic prototype Z And during its 2006 major outburst that began in 2006 April (cf. ATEL 882). The system still keeps its brightness at a high level (U=9.04, B=9.79, V=9.24, Rc=8.58 as measured on 2006 Oct 26.88 at the Skalnate Pleso Observatory), which is comparable with that from 2006 Aug 15.88 (U=8.87, B=9.43, V=8.94, Stara Lesna Observatory).

On 2006 Oct 18.90 we obtained high-resolution spectrum of Z And (R = 13000) at the Ondrejov Observatory, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, using the coude spectrograph of 2-m reflector in the range of 6400 - 6920 A. A strong central H-alpha emission component was accompanied by weak jet emissions located strictly bipolarly at radial velocities |RV| = 1165(+/-11) km/s. The integrated fluxes and FWHM for the violet and the red jet were 4.1(0.5), 2.9(0.5) x 1.0E-12 erg sE-1 cmE-2 and 201(10), 192(11) km/s, respectively. The flux ratio of the violet to the red component was ~ 1.4, whereas on 2006 Aug 30 this ratio was ~ 1. This could be caused by an occultation of the red jet by the giant at its inferior conjunction (orbital phase = 0.016 on 2006 Oct 18.9). Contrary to the spectrum from 2006 Aug 30, absorption component in the HeI 6678 profile was not present. The Raman scattered OVI line at 6830 A was not detectable in the present spectrum. We estimate the full extension of the jet features to about 200 m.a.s. for the distance of 1.5 kpc. Z And thus could be detectable on the radio images, for example.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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