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M31 Nova Candidate

ATEL # 950; WeCAPP: A. Riffeser, S. Geier (University Observatory Munich)
on 20 Nov 2006; 13:12 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Nova)
Password Certification: Arno Riffeser (

Subjects: Optical, Nova

The WeCAPP team discovered a M31 nova (coordinates RA 00:42:44.05 DEC +41:15:02.2 J2000.0) on three 300-sec R-filtered CCD images obtained with the 0.8-m Ritchey-Chretien f/12.4 telescope at Wendelstein Observatory, Germany, using the MONochromatic Image CAmera with a Tektronix (SITe) TK1024 1kx1k chip. Positional uncertainty given as 0".2. A previous image from 2006 Nov. 16.9903 UT shows no object at the position of the nova (limiting magnitude 19.6 in R).

WeCAPP M31 Novae

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